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This is a picture of me and my son Justin. He was about two (2003) in this picture

My son and I have many hobby's we like to do. We have a Lathe, Mill and other metal working tools and equipment. We like to work on many things. He is interested in mechanical/repair, design and computers.

Here is one of our hobbys. This our hombrew 3d printer. When it's printing you will see it live stream the video below. Check back often if you are interested in 3d printing. This was designed and built with the help of my son. I am very proud of it (and my son). It's been a fun project for us. It's print area is 300 x 300 x 360mm. A lot of the parts were made on his 3d printer that we bought as a kit. We will be building a third printer soon. It will be his project that I will be helping him with.

Live video stream of one of our 3d printers.

Side view

Top view

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